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Packing House Wines is a premier wine shop, bar, and restaurant that has recently made select offerings available online. Recently named one of Wine Spectator’s 'Best of', it is a regionally recognized source for boutique wines offering a classic, seasonal menu in one of the most historic buildings in the Inland Empire. We take great pride in continuous growth in our wine knowledge with several team members participating in the Court of Master Sommelier education program.

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Let's meet our team

Sal and EV

Owner and proprietor, Sal Medina started his career as an educator and it was here that his attraction to continuous learning took root. While teaching, Sal took a job in a local wine shop to satisfy his desire to understand the art of the wine business. His curiosity grew into a passion, as it was the same lure of the educational realm that captivated his attention for the grape, as wine is alive, always changing, and always surprising you.

After tasting his way throughout the wine regions of the world, stopping ever so often to spend time with EV, Sal waited until the perfect space opened up in 2007 in the

Packing House, right in the heart of downtown Claremont to open his own shop. Rack by rack, Sal and EV slowly grew their inventory. A loyal stream of customers turned to Sal for his expertise on wine, and his fair and honest approach to doing business.

Four years into the success of Packing House Wines, it became clear that more space would be needed to accommodate an ever-growing inventory and the demand for a kitchen. Over the next year, Sal and EV slowly expanded into a neighboring space in the Packing House, completing much of the work themselves. In the fall of 2011, the expansion was complete, and Packing House Wines unveiled the new space, menu, and phase of its history.

With a selection of wine unparalleled in California, it has been through Sal and EV’s dedication to quality and evolution that has positioned Packing House Wines as a premier resource for wine drinkers and collectors on the regional and national level.

Executive Chef Noah Lutz

Chef Lutz’s philosophy is simple: if your start with fresh, local ingredients, and make everything from scratch, your customer will know your heart and soul is in that dish. Chef prides himself on being “in the moment” when personally preparing your dish and upholding the integrity of the food is paramount.

“I want people to enjoy the experience of dining, which encompasses good food, drinks, and company.”
A native of Claremont, Chef Lutz has cooked locally for thirteen years at many notable restaurants. Locally, he was the Sous Chef at The Forks restaurant, led by Chef Eric Osley. And after a brief stint as a Personal Chef, he was hired as Chef de Partie at Ink in Los Angeles, by Top Chef winner Chef Michael Voltaggio. Chef Lutz is proud of his training and appreciates his education under these two renowned chefs. Chef is excited to take what he has learned and pave his own culinary path.

As Chef says, he “just wants to cook good food, for good people,” and promises to “keep pushing the culinary envelope, and to never rest on [his] laurels.”

A bit on our location:

History of the Packing House

The original structure Packing House Wines is housed in was built in 1916 by the College Heights Orange and Lemon Association for the purpose of orange packing and was serviced by the Santa Fe and Pacific Electric Rail Lines. The original structure was somewhat torn down in the early 1970’s, after a citrus quality and production decrease in the 1940’s and ‘50’s. The bones of the structure were later refurbished and the building remains as the last of four original packing houses in Claremont.

Before you visit, please read:


Our selection is constantly growing and evolving and currently amounts to over 1400 different wines. You’re welcome to browse our most up to date bottle list here but if there is ever a bottle that you are looking to purchase that we do not carry, please contact us at info@packinghousewines.com. We will be happy to help you with your search through our extended network of vendors and relationships with wineries and other collectors.


As you will find in our menu section here, we offer a wide and ever evolving by the glass menu. Should you wish to purchase a bottle from our retail section, we would be happy to open and serve any bottle for a $10 corking fee. And while we have an extensive bottle selection, we understand that there might be a special occasion wherein you would like to open up a bottle from your personal selection to share at Packing House Wines. We are happy to offer service for an occasion such as this, for a corking fee of $15.

Dining Hours

Our kitchen is currently open for dinner Tuesday through Sunday with a select bar menu available at all other times. Please understand that its exact hours will vary, depending on demand.


Our historical and atmospheric space lends itself to a lovely gathering place for friends and families for many events and occasions. Please contact us at info@packinghousewines.com to discuss availability, menu options, and pricing structures.